The Bible is a collection of 66 books written by 40 different authors, on three different continents, in three different languages, over a period of 1500 years. Yet all 66 books have a marvelous unity. See all the cross references in the curves below.

40 men have never written with such unity and agreement. The Bible has proven itself to be from God (Scientifically, Archaeologically, Historically, etc.). Have you seen the evidences? If we can be of any help, call 407-657-0657, or visit


Uniqueness of the Bible

From the video, “Is God The Author Of The Bible?”

by Warren Wilcox, Video 4 of 6 at  

Unity and Diversity

 The Bible is a library of sixty-six different books, long and short, written in different languages (Hebrew, Caldean and Greek), written in various countries (Judea, Babylon, 66 Books of the BibleAsia Minor, Greece and Italy), written in various times during a period stretching over about fifteen hundred years and with an intermission of about 400 years, written by about forty different authors, people with Egyptian culture, people with Jewish culture, people with Greek and Roman culture, people with no culture.

Written by all sorts and conditions of men (priests, prophets, princes, peasants, warriors, statesmen, herdsmen, poets, publicans, physicians, fishermen, historians, lawyers, chroniclers, philosophers, orators, autocrats, exiles, rich, poor, evangelists, apostles), written to Jew and to Gentile, written to Greek and barbarian, to bond and to free, to men and to women, to young and to old, to individuals, congregations, the whole world. Written in the rush of the city and in the hush of the country; written in palace and in prison, written in prosperity and in adversity, written in the height of national glory on Mount Zion and in the depth of national shame beside quiet waters. These books contain prose, poetry, prophecy, history, type, antitype, sign, symbol, miracle, parable, biography, philosophy, description, travel, exploration, legislation, invitation, exhortation, denunciation, argumentation, commendation, indignation, prayers, blessings, curses, oration, consolation, fierce invective, impassioned appeal, and coolest and calmest logic, letters, hymns, pastorals, romance, tragedy and jubilee, sobbing sighs and shouts of joy,  sermons, lyrics, proverbs, epigrams and axioms.

Thinking on these facts, we must needs expect chaos as the outcome. It cannot be but that parts of this variegated library contradict other parts. But do we find it so? By no means! On the contrary and wonderful to relate, we find a marvelous unity of design and harmony in statements.

Have you ever realized the Bible had so much unity? Fifteen hundred years, forty different authors, three different languages, five or six different countries. And yet with all of these variations, there’s still just one theme and it all harmonizes together. If you were a god and you’d created some people, and you wanted to communicate to them through a written word, wouldn’t you make sure that your Bible had characteristics like that? And someone might say, well, there’s really nothing all that hard about that, I mean, other books have been written like that. Well let’s see if that is really true.

Why don’t we go down to some seminary, some theological seminary, but instead of getting people with different languages and from different countries and different backgrounds and over hundreds of years, why don’t we just get forty students who are all going there at the same time from the same country who have the same teachers and just ask them to do us a favor? Without conferring with each other, why don’t we ask them to write about a fifty page paper each, on the subject of God (His existence, His nature, His purposes), and man (where he came from, what he’s here for, where he’s going), and things about spiritual ideas. And then let’s collect all 2000 pages which would be about the length of a Bible, I suppose, and put them all together and see if they have the same kind of harmony that the Bible does.

You say, well they might. Well, I’ll tell you what, why don’t you just go down to the library and find any 40 books off the shelf in the religious section and see if they all are in harmony with each other. You see it hasn’t been done. The Bible is totally unique.    

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